Hello to all the readers here! 🙈
I am finally back to WordPress after a long long time.
This time, I am here to tell you all about general do’s and don’ts on the festival of colors, HOLI.
I guess most of you play holi and are very excited for this festival as well. Maybe you are aware about all these but do give it a read once.❤

Come, let’s have a look :-
Always buy organic and natural colors that are safe to play with.
Wear full sleeved or full length clothing to give your skin maximum protection from colors.
Paint your nails, both in the hands and toes to prevent your nails from staining.
Ensure that color does not get into your eyes. To prevent it, wear sunglasses or shut your eyes whenever someone is applying color on you.
Apply copious amount of lotion or coconut oil all over your body to prevent staining.

Don’t play with eggs, mud or other junk that can cause damage to you and others.
Don’t use metallic colors since they can be very harmful on your body.
• It’s high time we realize that holi isn’t for animals.
Avoid wasting excess of water.
Don’t push anybody into a pool if they are not up for it.
This is what I think will be helpful to you this HOLI!

Have fun but be safe.
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Happiest new year to all !
The start of a new year is a great time to celebrate the accomplishments we made in the previous year and to look forward to achieving more in the forward year!💯
In that respect , here I am telling you about what I wore on NYE and how I celebrated !🙈
Firstly lets talk about my clothes :-
I wore a black skater skirt from shein with a white embroidered top from shein and a cherry brown colored leather jacket from sarojini nagar❤
I accessorised my look with some rings and danglers. My hair were kept loose and did beach waves on them!❤
Have a look!😄

Now , talking about the party :-
My family organised a party on our terrace and we decorated our terrace all by ourselves. We enjoyed alot! We decorated with some fairy lights and also made a wall with fairy lights to click in front of !❤
Have a look!😄

All in all , my new year eve was spent well with my family.❤ Do tell what you did this new year’s eve !
That’s it for this time !
See you guys soon!❤
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Hey there !

I am back with another interesting blog about palazzo pants.

Most of us are tired wearing simple skinny jeans . Isn’t it ? We should stock some trendy palazzo pants in our wardrobe.
Palazzos are long pants with extremely wide legs that flare out from the waist. Palazzos provide balance and flatter your figure.
We can either wear a pallazo with tops , crops or even kurtas.
And my personal advice is that wear heels with palazzos. They both compliment each other really well.

Talking about what I wore :-
I wore greyish palazzo pants with a crop top. I love crop tops , so I paired it with this palazzo pants.
To accessorize my look , I wore grey and gold danglers and a ring.
Also , I wore black heels!
I tied my hair into a bun for a formal look and in some pictures , let them loose for a casual look !
That’s it guys !
I hope you like it ❤
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Bonjour personnes!😻
I hope you all are liking my blogs , it takes a lot of hard work and you all are pretty aware of it!
• • • • • • • • •
Sometimes , it’s all about the white dress !

A bright outfit , that works perfectly during the day . With a white dress in your wardrobe , you can never make a mistake.
The white shirt dress , I am wearing in this blog post is mainly for brunch or lunch get togethers.
I prefer such a simple sober dress works best in daytime. A white dress with a little tan is totally perfect. If your color is super white , my friend go get a little tan before wearing a white dress.😛
Talking about my dress , i have worn a simple white shirt dress and a printed blue belt with it .

I paired this dress with small crown earrings to keep it elegant and kept my hair loose with a zigzag parting (side parting in some pictures🙈)

Thats it for this blog guys !
I hope you like it !
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Diwali 2018😻

Hello readers !

Happiest diwali 💥💥

I hope you had a great day this diwali💕
This festival is no doubt my favourite because it is full of lights , fun and what not ! I enjoyed alot!!
In this blog, I’ll tell you what my day looked like and what I wore!
Firstly, lets talk about my day !
In the morning , I woke up at 8. Then after getting ready , made rangolis(I am really bad at it but made some small ones) and then helped mom with the decorations and stuff!

Then, in the afternoon , went to my grandma’s house and enjoyed lunch there! After that , headed to home , got dressed up and then pooja begun ! When the pooja ended , burnt few crackers ( no offence ) and then ended my day by lots of chitchats with my family!
Now , talking about the attire ,
In the morning , I wore a plain ostrich-printed kurti with distressed jeans and sequin slides!
I accessorised my outfit with black tassel earrings.

In the evening , I wore a crop top with pallazo pants and a floor-length jacket which is very trendy nowadays!
I accessorised my outfit by silver jhumkis and glittery makeup ! Also tied my hair into a french braid.

Thats it for this blog guys!
I hope you liked the outfits and this blog too !
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Hello people 🙈
I recently started my blogging journey on instagram and finally I am ready for wordpress😻
As the title says , ‘BE A PATAKA‘! ,
this blog is all about deepawali! In this blog , I will be showing you one outfit from my closet which I consider is very much suitable for diwali❤
Here , I wore a knee- length skirt and a bright red crop top . I got it stitched from a boutique. You can also get the skirt and top separately from any good store.

Moreover , i accessorised my outfit by wearing oxidised jhumkas. I chose my favourite black heels for this outfit.
Shubh deepawali you people out there❤
Have an eco friendly diwali!
I hope you liked the outfit! You can also send your suggestions to tangirldiaries
See you guys soon!!